I am a Contemporary Landscape Painter. I attended Winchester School of Art and Chichester University. After which I lived in Wiltshire and have worked as an Illustrator and Teacher. Following the birth of my two children I began developing my own painting practice and now paint full time from my studio in Bembridge.

I grew up and live on the Isle of Wight. It is a beautiful place where I feel a deep connection. Through my work I attempt to explore this relationship and my sense of belonging to my environment. My work is inspired by the landscape which surrounds me, the changing light and extremes of colour. I walk daily and document my journey through a series of onsite (en plien air) sketches. These represent my immediate response to the landscape, they are quickly executed using a mix of media including watercolour, ink and pastel on paper. I then return to my studio where I begin translating these onto canvas.


I usually start with a charcoal drawing and thin washes of colour; it is an evolving process which I like to keep fresh and full of energy so I often work on a couple of pieces at the same time and mix studio time with time spent outside sketching.  My work is not intended as a day-to-day diary account, instead they are meant to capture moments that have particularly inspired me along the way. Living on a small Island I naturally often repeat my walks or return to a spot to work over a longer period of time; therefore, the paintings serve as a record of how our environment is changing and encourage an appreciation of the beauty of our landscape.

Current Exhibitions 

Seaview Art Gallery, Isle of Wight


Park Gallery, Cheltenham


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